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Please someone should help me

Hello I deactivate my previous fiver account due to some Issue I had and open a new one, not that fiver suspended me,now I don see orders anymore can i activate my previous account back

Once an account is deactivated, it can’t be activated again.

At least that’s what it says on the “deactivate” page.


Okay thanks I appreciate

What was the issue why you deactivated your previous account?

Thank you for asking, I already had like 18 reviews in my previous account but 2 are really bad and damaging ,then I notice after those bad reviews I did not see orders again for like 3weeks, its so hurt cos I did not do anything worth those reviews,so I had no option than to delete it

Please can you help me or suggest what I can do to get my first order,I had some really good customers or buyers in my previous account, am doing music ,but now i have learnt alot about some customers or buyers attitude