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Please start the google reveiws service


As there is a lot of buyers and its demand is getting high day by day. So the authority can take it under consideration about fake reviews to promote the google business.

Instantly to get more and more profit from google business, everyday buyers need fake reviews.

So if this service is established on Fiverr, I think there are lots of worker will get Job from fiverr and Fiverr will earn a huge and the buyers also.

So there will be helpful among the buyer, seller and the Fiverr.

I am waiting for positive answer.



With ingenuity like yours, you have a flourishing freelance career ahead of you.

How I envy you.


This used to be allowed but not any more as it is against Google’s rules.
If everyone is buying reviews it makes the whole thing worthless.
Instead of offering these things, do something that is allowed and that is the answer to your previous post: How can I keep my account stick on Fiverr?

PS. Your gigs have been flagged as against ToS.


There is a demand for drugs, too, but drug dealers will keep going to jail when they get caught.


With this rise of intellectual capacities here I wonder when the first hit men will create their gigs.


PM me for a custom offer.


It has to look like an accident.


Purchase the “oops” gig extra.


We tell the guy that it’s not allowed to sell reviews, and what does he do? Creates another gig for selling reviews. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looking at the profile picture I can’t help but notice that the brain erases and something else writes.


You can put this as your tagline:
No one will ever suspect a thing.


This user has only brain functions for the necessary vegetative nervous system. Breathing a.s.o.
And I bet even here he needs the motivation MP3 with the lyrics “breath in, breath out, breath in…a.s.o.”


Daym man you are hilarious :joy::joy::joy:
Made my day.