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Please stop accepted unfair amounts of labor! It creates ridiculous expectations from buyers!

Things are getting out of hand. I’m being asked to leave 10 reviews for 4 bucks! This is crazy. People need to STOP accepting ridiculous amounts of work for such a low amount of money. It’s called controlling the market – and we need to start implementing this. If there is no line drawn, then buyers take advantage. Stop screwing yourself and everyone else over – and PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN! Is it REALLY worth your time to spend all day working on something for 4 bucks, people? Why do you think Apple products cost so much money? You think it costs $800 to make a cell phone? NOPE. It costs $150. $650 profit PER phone. Why are people willing to pay this? Because Apple controls the market. They keep the prices the same. Learn from Apple!

I agree 100% with the_high_fiver

We need to stop accepting gigs for only 4 bucks. I will do something small for $5 but I can’t remember the last time I actually gave someone more than 5 minutes of my time for $5 (Custom quotes to everyone)

I appreciate where you’re coming from and you have a valid point.

However - you’re not being forced to do anything for the money - you’re the one in control.

Do bear in mind that there are sellers from Fiverr all over the world. $5 to a guy in India can potentially go a long way.

Here in the UK, $5 barely buys me a bottle of Coke.

As you say, stick to your guns and set your prices. If you deliver consistently good quality work, alongside good service, people will keep coming back.

I create PowerPoints. There are plenty of people who offer far more than me for much less money but I am getting busier and busier with new and repeat customers.

TS, a pretty similar discussion took place here:

To be short, you can always charge as much as you can whenever you can offer something unique that others can’t! But if all you can offer is writing reviews, there are millions of other people willing to do it cheaper!


iPhone’s price is high not only due to purely hardware, there a lot of intellectual capital involved in its creation (patents, years of research, iOS, appstore, community, and many other things that you forgot to mention).