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Please stop advertising my competitors gigs on my gig pages!

It probably stops people from purchasing my gigs if they see other similar gigs while considering mine and they keep browsing. People are complaining their sales have dropped off lately.

Even if I understand Fiverr reasons, I really dislike this new feature and I really hope it will be removed soon (but I don’t think this is going to happen).

Anyway, I tried this: I followed some gig advertised under mine and checked if my gig was under those ones… the answer is no :frowning:

So if someone bought my gig then bought some other too, while the opposite is not true… sounds like my gig sucks, but I know for sure that it does not…

I’ve actually seen some of my own Gigs advertised below some of my own Gigs. :open_mouth:

It would be nice if they could let us know how many times our gigs were displayed this way. It would go down easier.

I am probably weird but I kind of like this feature. If my sales go down because someone clicked into another gig the issue isn’t that they clicked into another gig, but rather that my particular gig description/title wasn’t interesting enough for them and grabbed their attention enough. However, since I can’t really measure how often someone clicked on one of the ads within the gig page, it’s not exactly helpful in determining whether a gig of mine needs refined or not. On a side note, I have actually been told by some users not too long back that they actually ordered because they found me through that very section. Essentially what I am saying here is if you have a good quality description/title and are clear on what you offer, you’ll get the sale no matter what they put on your page.

I don’t think it actually makes too much of a difference in the long run. You might lose buyers because they click some other Gig under your Gig, but in the same way you can get other buyers’ customers.