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Please stop posting about your money, income, earnings, sales

These are worthless junk posts people do for attention. I am sick and tired of coming here and seeing these threads where someone says I earned money. I made a sale. Stop please.

You do not get promoted for this. You do not make sales from this. You do not achieve anything from this. We are all here to make money so please don’t pretend like it is a big deal to make a sale or make money.


This is a forum everybody has the right to share their experience until they break the forum rules I don’t feel it wrong when someone has achieved something by doing hard work, and he or she wants to share it you can simply ignore it if you don’t like it.


In fairness, for some people, the forum is the only place they may have any connection to people doing similar work to them or access to people who understand the freelancing lifestyle - so sharing milestones & other achievements should be encouraged. Earned enough to pay off your debt? Had your best month ever? Got your first ever sale? Share away. We should be celebrating success, not hiding it. It may be tiring to see for some people but I’m sure all posts are tiring for atleast one person.

I’d much rather a forum filled of success stories than a forum filled of complaints.


Most of us have “achieved something by doing hard work”.
Congratulations! It’s what is normal. Then there is always a list of people saying congratulations. If this is what the forum is now for it’s something new.
I made a sale-- congratulations.
I earned X dollars-- congratulations
I got X number of sales-- congratulations

Maybe it’s just me who is not seeing the value in this.


Everyone has birthdays (“it’s what is normal”) yet most people celebrate them.

Just because you weren’t the first doesn’t mean you shouldnh’t celebrate. If you are always comparing yourself to others, you’re likely to fail. You should run your own race and do the best you can do (and that is why you should celebrate your own milestones).

I understand you may not want to see 10 different people celebrating their first sale but those aren’t 10 related posts. They are 10 individuals who have taken a punt on Fiverr and are starting to see all their hard work unfold. They deserve to be able to celebrate if they want to. I remember my first ever sale on Fiverr. I was very excited, I didn’t really have anyone to celebrate it with (as no one really got what Fiverr was) and it would have been nice to share with others.


Maybe the answer is to create a “Success” category on the forum. That way people could block it if they wanted to and wouldn’t see the type of posts MissCrystal is referring to.


I had the impression this forum was for other things I guess. It seems to have changed a lot over the years.


I’d love to have infinite scrolling for the main forum page. Put the categories on top, all the new posts right under so people can scroll away. It’d be much easier to “ignore” the content you don’t want that way. Because now the relevant stuff is often behind that “more” button I never click.

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Definitely sir there is a reason you are fiverr’s ambassador! I would love to hear your success story!

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Sometimes there is something like a success story that is really an interesting story. Those are fine with me. I’m talking about all these posts that multiply rapidly when one person sees someone else who made a sale and posted about it then you have others coming along doing the same thing, and everyone says congratulations. It’s very repetitive.

If you only come to the forum every six months it’s not going to be so obvious.


I agree. It is one thing to celebrate your first sale with a forum post sharing your experience with the community, and it is an entirely different thing to flood the forum with posts titled:

“I made my 79th sale after 2 years. I AM ON CLOUD 9!”

“I have successfully completed my 94th sale! I have achieved the impossible!”

That’s an excellent idea, imo. However, even now, all the “I made my nth sale” posts are being created in/moved to the “My Fiverr Gigs” sub-category. So, if forum users wanted, they could just mute that sub-category, and such posts will no longer be shown to them.


You mean you miss the forum where people used to have conversations? Not appear suddenly out of nowhere to say “I made a sale,” followed by a short Oscar acceptance speech, never to return?

Alas, everything changes Miss C.


Ultimately the forum is a community hub and it’s what the community makes it. Maybe there’s room to expand upon some categories given the larger user base and a better UI to navigate through the increase in content. I’d say it’s more of a UI/UX problem rather than content. I get what you mean about lots of posts at the same time but again that’s a UI/UK issue - for example, if posts were based on Klout style scores, then you wouldn’t see a rush of the same content all posted at once on the homepage and it would instead be appropriately distributed across content.


A while back these started to dominate the forum, and it happened in a couple of weeks as everyone new to fiverr came by to announce they made a sale, or made $20 or whatever, and fifty people then said congratulations. It was decided at that time to not allow this. Now the forum is devoid of any meaningful content on most days so it’s probably going to become more and more simply a place to say “I made ten sales” and others say congratulations. If that is ok with everyone else then I’m sorry to have mentioned it.


I think it’s important for people to be able to have an outlet. Maybe the forum isn’t the preferred method but we no longer have the podcast, we no longer have “rising stars”, “super sellers” or any blog engagement to feature sellers. I wouldn’t put the blame solely on the forum - rather the lack of an outlet anywhere else. Fiverr’s community engagement was very different 3 years ago compared to today.

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It was decided at that time to not allow this.

Remember when Fonthaunt created a thread for all of the excited posters to post in? Pity that never caught on. :confused:

I thought it was a really good idea. If it was used, the forum would be much tidier.


It’s just done for attention, to get noticed with the hope that they get a sale or get to the next level anyway. At least that’s my guess. But if it’s fine with others then it’s ok with me.


Well, it kind of was the forum which banned all the most popular regulars… :thinking:


When you talk about the random “I made my 74th sale!!” I think you’re 100% right. There’s a time and a place for celebration posts (such as first sales, major mile stones etc) but I think this type of celebration post points to a bigger issue - the lack of community engagement compared to yesteryear. Previously a rising seller would be tracked & monitored, maybe get a featured gig, get a shout out on social media, a blog article or something as recognition. All of that is basically gone and you’ve got sellers hoping for more. Posting those random topics is a way to get some kind of attention or notice in the hope that they maybe get more exposure because it certainly isn’t coming from anywhere else.

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Unfortunately I’m not privy to that so can’t comment

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