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Please stop promoting your gigs on "Buyer's Request" section

Recently I visited the buyer’s request section and to my surprise, I saw that there are many sellers who are promoting their gigs through the medium. It is completely invalid. Buyer’s request section is totally meant for the random buyer’s who are seeking for an appropriate seller to their needs.

Sheriff’s Note: This tip for sellers is good advice to help sellers understand Buyer Requests. The thread is now closed.

I really wish there was a report button for sellers who do this. Over half of the jobs that show up for me are sellers promoting their Gigs, or wording them so you think they’re buyers and then you end up wasting an offer on them.

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

I think so. It’s annoying. However, Fiverr teams keep on approving their request on “Buyer’s Request” section :frowning:

its really bad idea. :frowning:

I totally agree on providing a “REPORT ABUSE” button. On the other hand why do they keep approving the posts? Obviously nobody bothers to actually read them.

Same goes to the “Buyer Requests” section. Sellers post their gigs.

There seems to be a load more this morning as well. New sellers mostly but I would have though this to be clear that this section is for buyers not sellers.

If they cannot get this right then I am sure that noone will want to order their gigs they all sound so desperate.

Work hard and promote yourself properly like the rest of us then you will have orders


I truly understand the frustration of new sellers who are making every attempt to get an order. But do they even know that this way they are degrading the Fiverr’s eco-system. Moreover, how illogical it is to promote the gig at the space that is strictly made by the Fiverr to help them only in a right way by contacting the buyers.

Hi ryan9999,

This is a clear issue and something which has been raised multiple times. Hopefully it is in the roadmap in regards to future site features and changes.

To help prioritise a change, you may consider forwarding this issue and a desired solution (such as the ability to report requests) to the appropriate department within a message to Fiverr customer support.