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Please STOP saying this

On several occasions, a buyer said to me, “Can I use my free read and have you read this again but I changed some words…” etc.

So to briefly explain, some buyers seem to think a revision is a Free do-over. Just from my experience I have determined that Some buyers want more than one option to present to their client. Asking you to re-do the project and change it, will give them a second option to show their client. Ok now I get it!

I am careful not to place judgement on people so I just let it ride and as predicted, some buyers use this clever technique to get more options for their client. This is not acceptable.

Please stop telling people that a revision is a FREE re-do. Revisions are for errors on the sellers part or changing a small part of the project to get it closer to what the buyer needs.

How do you as a seller overcome this tricky trick? I added a mandatory section in my order that makes the buyer agree that a revision is not another re-do because they need another option for their client. And that if they need a second option, the word count can be added to the total so the order can include another option.

I approved this first through customer service just to make sure it does not violate any terms of service.

If a buyer has a problem with clicking then I don’t need their business. This may all sound harsh but this is a business. I actually explained to a buyer that if I gave free options I would not be a good business woman.

We also agree and I can send a voice sample to be approved first to avoid any mis communication. I LOVE MY BUYERS! I work very hard for them, but I refuse to be taken advantage of and THAT IS ON ME.


I’ve read a couple of good forum threads on this topic. I’d be happy to link them, if you’re interested.

My personal opinion on revisions is mostly the same, I just point out that ‘revisions’ are not ‘change orders’ and link to the Wikipedia definition of the latter.


Love it and yes I would love the links!

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After reading some other threads, I am going to create a sample gig. I always provide samples once a buyer purchases the gig. This way we can figure out the tone before I record the final version. But I do like the idea of creating a sample gig for those interested in a real sample.

Since it’s been a few days, I’ve forgotten some of the threads I’d considered linking at the time.
Still, I did remember a few:

I now have a gig that is a “I will record a sample for you” it makes me feel better. Once a buyer purchases my gig I will send a sample of the script so we can work together before I record and edit a full read. It works 100% of the time this way. They also agree in the mandatory order that they understand I only supply one read. If they want another read to present to their client, they can add it into the order word count. It’s working great!!!

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As timing would have it, someone asked me to record a sample sentence and I politely sent him a link to my SAMPLE gig. Wow it was liberating just to have that option! I suggest all Voiceover gigs create a SAMPLE gig just so they have this wonderfully respectable tool to use.