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Please stop this!

I’m so sick and tired of having sellers message me at 2 in the morning asking me “hi how to be good seller.” There is literally of forum of a thousand people typing everyday discussing how they got to the top. THOUSANDS.
It makes me angry because

  1. It’s SPAM
  2. When I get some dumb message at 2 in the morning while I’m sleeping and can’t respond, this affects my response rate
  3. Floods my inbox and interferes with me getting back to actual customers who need my help
  4. As I’ve stated earlier, there are a BUNCH of resources that Fiverr lists AND a ton of threads here already listed

There should be NO REASON for you to be hitting up MY inbox on “how to be a good seller.”

Seriously can Fiverr start taking down people’s accounts for this kind of stuff? This is straight up spam and super annoying. I don’t care if some of you think it’s too “extreme” but when it comes to the point where it’s affecting people’s response rates and their actual business, it needs to be stopped and taken seriously.

Update: I also want to add that this should apply to sellers who try to offer you their services as well. I don’t need your $500 package for a website. Honestly any form of solicitation should be punished.

Sorry for the rant but I’m just getting super irritated because it really is messing with my business.


I’m sorry this happens to you so often.

It’s really annoying that people think you owe them support and that they get to harass you.

It also speaks volumes about their laziness and lack of professionalism and skill.


It’s one thing when it’s annoying, but it’s another when it starts affecting how you run your business as well. I think that Fiverr should add an option in their “Report” or “Spam” menu and start taking solitication more seriously. It’s not fair that I have to suffer a drop in my response rate when some dummy who’s to lazy to type in “how to be a good seller” on Fiverr’s search engine has to hit me up for help.
Like what do these people want me to do, write out a 400 paged PDF on how to be a top rated seller? Does it look like I have time for this?


I am sorry to hear that you are having to deal with this. :disappointed_relieved:

That is the biggest reason it gets my blood to boil! :thermometer:

I always report them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, you shouldn’t have to manage spam to get to your legitimate messages.

These sellers are so inconsiderate and entitled.


Bunny, I have even been sent custom offers to accept them. :angry:

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What! :astonished: I did not know that was possible! :thinking:

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I do this but honestly is it really going to stop them?

I totally agree with you, it’s such a nuisance to my business.


Wow. That’s just pathetic. What is wrong with people? Honestly…


Lmao this is smart but the likelihood of them accepting them is low. Usually they just keep replying back asking me how, how, how, how, why don’t you reply, etc.

Yes, Vickie. Custom offers, as you read it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They don’t come back to me again. None of them! I report them at once and block them! :blush:

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I’m again without likes, so I owe you all.

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I think @maitasun meant that these “How do I get sell” private message sellers are sending custom offers to her to do work for her.

So, as I understood it, they’re harassing her for advice and then hustling her to take an offer (hire them)…


Surely it will affect the response time and not the response rate as long as you respond within 24 hours (or if the spam flag works, you could flag as spam within 24 hours).

Exactly, Human! But, as I remember, we were told to be patient and don’t complain. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Haha. Yes, we all know that waiting for “sell,” spamming and trying to game the system are the keys to success! (Sarcasm)


Irresponsible attitude from people.

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How you dare say so? :astonished:

We all have to be nice, patient and coach them privately all they want. Oh, I forgot! And buy from them! Otherwise we risk being called hard hearted. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: