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Please stop this!

Hi, Good day/evening! Not sure, why you are writing "How you dare say so? Just those who are only send message and want to “hi how to be good seller.” – Just want to say that those people should not do that. Hope you understand.

Thank you mate! :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, I’m not a mate. You can call me by my name. And is better you don’t call people by: mate, bro, dear or the likes.

Second, I was being ironic and agreeing with your comment. I’m sorry you didn’t understand. I thought you understood sarcasm.


Sorry, for misunderstanding. Will follow your suggestion. Thank you!

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It’s ok, don’t worry. :wink:

I can understand that being annoying. Everyone wants to get a popular gig but there’s always a catch, right? Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me. The spam i mean… i was under the impression also that after a certain time e.g. night time when everyone is asleep. Your response time doesn’t get affected by replies? Or maybe i’m wrong.

I’ve had replies from clients and not replied 5 hours later and my response time is still an hour. I would of thought fiverr would of taken this in to account. So, you should be safe as far as i know.

Hope this helps!

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