Please stop with all the I Need Buyers posts!



Look. We all want and need buyers. I assume that’s why we’re here, in addition to other plausible reasons.

New folks. Please read the forum thoroughly before posting (after only 24 days on Fiverr) with an I Need Buyers post.

It takes weeks often months of patience, skill, research, tweaking, testing and smarts to get going on Fiverr.

Start with one gig and work it hard. Promote it outside of Fiverr.

Read a book about online marketing. Read a book about starting and running a business.

Come to the forum and ask good questions and listen to the excellent answers.

Give your gig an honest effort and 60 days before you start to think that something’s wrong.

Because it ain’t broke. You have to build it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes!! So true.


Well said @voiceoverwork.

I’ve been skipping past the multiple “I need buyers” posts because it’s all been said time and time again. I only have a limited amount of time to spend on the forums and I want to try and help but it’s so hard to help when people aren’t willing to do a simple search on the forums to find out if their question has been asked before.