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Please Stop with Obnoxious Changes

I recently lost the fixed header at the top of the page. Having to scroll back to the top to deliver/redeliver after 30+ messages with a client is inconvenient. While it’s small, it interrupts a smooth workflow and when you’re working on 15 or more orders a day, the time adds up.

Now there’s a new alert/action on the page where I get three options - I have everything I need, I need more info and Deliver Now. Where are my conversation templates that I spent time creating? This is not what Fiverr sellers need. These small changes are obnoxious more than anything else.

I just need to vent. Happy to hear about your guys’ experience as well. I know not everyone gets the updates as they roll out new features in batches. What’s that old saying? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


If they really wanna update something, how about getting paid a little bit faster, like, right after you complete the order #utopia


Yeah the design team here seems to be on some powerful hallucinogens, adding all kinds of features that no one is asking for, making it far more annoying than the average interface of 10 years ago. Messaging in my browser is squirrely as hell, the entire interface jumps around with every single letter I type. Last year I used fiverr a few times and the most annoying thing was the constant saving that would drop several words or sentences I had typed- one of the reasons I stopped using fiverr. I guess they fixed that but it seems like their ambition to reinvent the most basic functionalities of web design is far outstripping their skill in executing it.


100% agree. I have a entire slate of message templates that go to buyers depending on their order. This new change is silly and in the 30 or so minutes it been rolled out, it’s already affected my workflow.


I also don’t like the new dashboard.
It’s hard to manage compare to old one which was alot easier.

Same here! I only had a few orders today, but I had several new ones come in which was a nightmare. Now, if you dont confirm the order within like 15 minites, you get a new prompt (on the computer and my phone). Like, how about if you’re gonna put annoying and stupid features, give us the option to opt out or change them in the settings.


Wait. You have to manually accept orders now? Could you just clarify this?

I just had it happen, and no that’s not what it is.

I had to see it for myself. I had a regular client order, and give me the information they needed. The countdown was going, but the system was telling me to let my client know I had everything I needed from him. When I didnt respond right away, it sent me a notification that I didn’t respond and let my client know that I didn’t need anything else.

Honestly, that’s going to get real annoying real quick, especially if I have an order come in while I’m at work. It’ll clog up my notifications AND my email.

This is not the same as accepting or denying a project, I’m afraid. :frowning:


What’s even more annoying is that you can’t dismiss it or start a conversation without deleting the auto-populated (poorly-written) message. The work flow makes no sense.


Yes. This is madness. You’re talking about adding extra basic administration time onto every order and my prices don’t reflect this. Nor do I realistically have the time.

Honestly, Fiverr is becoming more militant by the day. I don’t get any nonsensical interference with my workflow anywhere else. Who is getting paid to come up with all these bright ideas? - And how is that person completely missing all the things which sellers have been burdened by for eons now like unfair cancellation penalties, charge backs, auto generated CS responses, etc etc?


They basically removed quick responses from order pages, and replaced them with 2 pre-created quick responses that you can’t save to your liking. So stupid move!

What if the buyer asks a question afterwards on the order page that you have a quick response available for? You’ll have to open a new tab, go to a random inbox discussion, select the response there and copy it to the order page.

Or have notepad open with all quick responses saved to it. That’s how it was done before, when there were no quick responses at all. :hushed:


Thanks for the info @simplybright, @emeraldawnn and @adsensewizard. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gosh, this feature sounds like a complete hassle. :weary:

…And once again this thing is still in its beta stages.


Is there any way we can feed back on this to say please no! to the developers?


I sent a ticket to support, as I believe the quick responses missing is a bug, as there’s other bugs on the site now as well. Like notifications not working at all.

If they say it’s a feature and not a bug, then I will definitely let them know how I feel about that change, and ask them nicely to forward my words to the devs :scream:


I hate all fiverr new updates i still love fiverr 2014

Did anyone notice new order styling? I just received new order and on the order page I saw this:
I like that Fiverr reminds you, to let the client know, that you are aware of his order. On the other hand, I really don’t like that I can’t immediately send my own preset message anymore, but I’m stuck with Fiverrs response.

What do you think?

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Very flawed change. Seems like it’s aimed at sellers who don’t prioritize customer satisfaction and don’t communicate well. The rest of us already thank the buyer or notify if there’s anything missing, without having to make it so obnoxious by removing all of our custom quick messages. :pensive:

So it should either be removed, or have it as an option, if you’d like to use that new feature or stick to how it was. I see old order pages are unaffected, so should be a simple change.


My problem is that there was already a notification system in place that sent you reminder to review requirements roughly 20 hours after the order. That’s only if you possibly forgot or missed it or whatever. THIS kind of system was perfect. This new one can go back to where it came from.

It’s irritating that Fiverr is pushing instant communication every second of the day. For busy sellers, it’s simply just not feasible to do this. It might take my 5 minutes or it might take me an hour to review orders or messages. Let me do it on my own time, on my own schedule. I know how to run my business, leave me alone.


I believe this new change is meant well and solely to promote good customer satisfaction and communication between sellers and buyers.

Very weird. I asked support about the change, and they said custom responses should not have gone anywhere from order pages. I cleared cache and some cookies and the order pages looked like they always have :thinking: Even the green delivery button at the top is showing again!

Now I’ll have to wait for a new order to see if it’s the case with those as well. If so, it seems like they reverted the change! Yay!

Edit: Nevermind. The quick responses are missing still from all new orders. The quick responses appear again within a few minutes after I have clicked “I have everything” and replied to the order once.

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