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Please suggest a.right one

Hello guys am a new seller on Fiverr
.I want some suggestions to create a gig with high demand and Less competition…Due to corona may be the reason. Orders are decreasing
. anybody who had known about this please reply
Thank you


The only services you should be offering, are the services for skills that YOU are good at. Offer gigs for what YOU know. No other service that you offer is likely to bring you sales.


Why? So you can create a gig in that even though you aren’t proficient? Why would that work?

When something is demand, it is the VALUE and QUALITY that are in demand.

Also, obviously if someone knows what has high demand and low competition, they’re not going to give away that information to people who would use it to compete against them…

If people answered this, guess what would happen? It wouldn’t be low competition anymore! Loads of sellers would make gigs in it.

Stop trying to find a shortcut. Do your own research and hone you skills.


Sure m.i trying my best to do

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There is always competition in high demanded skills. The only way to standout is to create highly optimized gig. Best of luck!


Check this out: How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few

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Ok First deeply research Fiverr other gig. Then Create A Catchy Tittle and Eye catching Picture. Also write a Unique and Good Content. I mean Description. Describe Fully What you gave Your Buyers. And Flow Fiverr all Rules and Regulation. Thank you

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