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Please suggest me and improve my gig's

You have 399 reviews and 2 orders in the queue.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


@lloydsolutions Thanks for your replay, but i am not clear about your message, 2 orders in the queue is 2 years ago order. there is no order on this gig on last 7 month , any suggestion …??

The reply is from clicking the link you gave above.

You are showing 2 orders in the queue and your last review is from a month ago, with several in the last 3 months.

Will leave this with you. Maybe someone else will have something to add.

  • Check to make sure your images are the Fiverr dimensions (for your thumbnail to look good)

  • Compare your first image to the top selling gigs in the category. (make yours look as professional but make them draw the eye better than theirs)

  • Get a professional looking video

  • Add a PDF where you further highlight your gig

  • Ask the price your gig is worth. (You’re offering them too cheap for someone who already has reviews)

  • Follow the introductory course on fiverr (show you followed it)

  • Take the English language test (scoring high will make people trust you will understand them)

  • Add more specialized gigs. (Christmas editions?)

  • Update your SEO

  • Change your profile picture (Eyes are the windows to the soul, check body language, make yourself look like the sort of person you’d hire not like someone’s boss)

  • Use your description to further highlight your qualifications and services.

  • Continue to reinvent yourself and your Gig

The Fiverr course really shows a lot of great tips.

Unlike you, I haven’t gotten any reviews yet, so I’m working my way through the list I just gave you.
I spend the past month doing solely research on digital marketing and sales, A FAR DIFFERENT field than I’m used to, as well as making a good plan that is specifically intended for my gig.

I get most of my freelance work by going to networking events. I figured, if I can do this in person, why not give Fiverr a shot. The result? I’m learning A LOT of new things and at the end of this ride, my portfolio is going to look better for it.

Now, I’m planning to add more gigs, and I am preparing improved ones in the draft to replace the old ones following the plans I made and the lessons I’ve learned, based on this list.

I suggest you look into the things I listed for you and come up with a plan to stand out, then test it out with your remaining gig slots.

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