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Please suggest me what to do for getting my first order

hi, I have been here from September. please check my gig. ■■■■■■/Q8wWxh . is everything is okay here?


Did you try stopping whining and promoting your own gigs?

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hi, thanks for you reply. I tried & still trying to promoting my gig, I just want to know if there any faults in my gig,

Suggest you change “knock me” in your profile description to “contact me”.


You need good luck :innocent:

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Besides all the suggestions here, I found that in order to prime that sales pump, you need to offer more to your first few customers, at $5. Just to get those orders and good reviews up there. After that, you can get a little more pickier. In my case, at least, did a LOT of work for very little money for my first few orders. Then the orders started flooding in. :slight_smile:

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