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Please suggest something that might help me

I got an order from my gigs premium package and the buyer asked for ebook cover, audio book cover and paperback. The buyer was very unresponsive. Comes online barely in two days and then goes offline without providing the necessary information I ask for.

I made the ebook cover and the audio book cover as per his instruction and asked for the dimension of the paperback. but he did not respond to me and so I delivered him a paperback using his chosen design with a general dimension (As I have made for my previous clients for the same) and also offered him free after sales service for the paperback that I will make changes in his paperback for free if my provided paperback does not work in amazon kdp.

After 16 hours from my delivery, the customer came online and told me to wait till he provide me the dimension of the paperback. And so I asked him instantly to accept the offer to extend the delivery time so that I can also deliver him the paperback (as per his provided dimension) in this order. but the client went offline and did not response. And so I visited the resolution center and asked for extended delivery time. And also sent a message to my customer to accept the extended 4 days delivery time request. After sending the request, the customer came online again but without any response went offline again.

Why some customers place order and then don’t even response properly so that I can serve them well? I also requested him to provide his valuable response and all I get after more than 24 hours. and so a 5 day delivery work is taking more than 5 days which could be done in maximum 4 days.


I know this won’t help with the current order, but for future orders: If you haven’t edited your gig already, I suggest you go in and add a requirement for this information. Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers


:arrow_up: :+1: This.

Having an in-depth, wide in scope, and detailed order requirements page that requires mandatory responses from the buyer is a critical tool that could have possibly avoided this situation from the beginning.


Thanks a lot. The order completed with a 5 star review.

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