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Please suggest the ways to increase focus

Hi Guys

I think that I am facing some kind of writer’s block or I have lost my focus. I am a PhD candidate who has been working in the field of pharmaceutical economics for four long years. So it is now time to submit the dissertation. I have completed all the chapters except the concluding chapter. It just has to be a summary and synthesis of 12-15 pages. I know that I should finish it as soon as possible. I am worried as I am going nowhere. Please suggest me some ways to increase focus which worked for you. I have already activated vacation mode for two weeks thinking that I may be able to write one page per day and complete it. On a side note, I can write 15 pages in a day for the clients but it is entirely opposite when it comes to my work. I assume that many of us might have faced this situation earlier and may be willing to give me some wonderful suggestions.


Focus on the process, not on the outcome. You are losing your focus because you are thinking too much about the result and the consequences and not on the process itself. Start fresh, take it one page at a time, rediscover your joy for the work/learning itself. Shut off all distractions.

"Focus on the process, not on outcome."
I was doing it earlier but now my supervising professor has told me to shut all the process and give him the final product. You are right. I should not feel discouraged and shut my ears to his advice. Product matters but it may wait for next two weeks.
I have some good recommendations for R&D managers but I feel like they might not be interested in those points. I am lagging behind as I am focusing way too much on writing a conclusion for policymakers and managers.
I will have to start afresh. I like thinking about ‘one page at a time’. I should actually stop thinking and start working.
Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Relax, shut yourself off from the world for 2 weeks and just focus on your work. Go for long walks in the morning. All the best!

Hire writer99025 to help you with it.

I can proofread or edit it, something I’ve discussed with @shilpityagi_eco, but writing a PHD thesis or rather summarizing it is something I cannot do. She should do it herself.

I think when it comes to focus I need more advice than you do. Maybe just remember, ˝first things first˝ :slight_smile:

@misscrystal That is certainly a nice tip but I am the one who provide academic writing services to others. If I would have known how to summarise all the stuff in my head to an academic writer, I could have written it. I even advise my clients to write their research themselves (few buyers really come with good research already done). I decline their 250-300 $ offer price for rewriting/writing and only provide them writing consultation services for only 1/3 rd of their offer price.

@writer99025 Sure, I will do it myself only. Proofreading and editing are other dimensions because I myself know where do I stand despite my hard efforts. I have been educated in the native language medium for the major part of my life.
Coming back to the track, I need to increase my focus. PhD candidates often describe their research work or dissertation as their baby. When my friends talk about their babies and inquire about my marriage plans, I do tell them that first I have to nurse my four years old baby (read dissertation). So it is a task that I can not give to someone else. My thesis may not be the best I have ever read (it is certainly not) but I have to take all responsibility for it. The only person I can rely (I have to) is my supervisor because he may add or subtract two-three pages in the editing process.

@fitrigwrites4u You can try my advice which used to work for me. Make some time in your schedule to run. Running always helped me to remain focused. It gives your body a sense of achievement. Unfortunately, I had injured my ankle ligaments two months back, so no running for me. It worked for me like a charm for the entire period, so maybe it helps you. Another easy option is to munch on raw cacao nibs. You can include them in your food in multiple ways. I enjoy nibbling on it with goji berries. It improves the mood and focus. I have given you my top secrets :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately I hate running (jogging). The only time I like running is when I play chase with my dogs :slight_smile:

I play freezbie with my dogs at random times everyday. I get exercise when some dogs fail/is lazy to catch the freezbie.

So sorry to hear about your ankles. Is there other sports that you like to do?

When it comes to foods, I can focus. I Do like munching :slight_smile:

Yes, I like few activities but those activities require a fit ankle. I like hiking and trekking. I love taking care of dogs. Now, I should take stationary biking seriously. My physiotherapist recommended it.

I know exactly what you mean about losing focus. I can write 10 articles a day for Fiverr people but I can hardly write a few paragraphs of anything creative these days. How to ruin your chances of ever becoming a published author? - Join Fiverr!

However, I have a few tips that really might help. First, my recent fast saw me have my most profitable freelancing month out of over 3 years. In this case, maybe think about doing a 3-day juice fast or something to realign your focus?

Alternatively, (and perhaps much more practically) I was actually getting really depressed working all day at home sat facing the computer so I took a chance and bought a nice little Windows tablet with full MS Office on it + a keyboard. My idea was to test working on the move outside. So far, I can say that this is the best investment I have ever made. I now do all my article writing for Fiverr outside in cafes and bars etc, and only use my home laptop for video gigs.

Also, I have even been writing creatively again! I’m not trying to sell the benefits of a specific device. Rather, I’m just finding that working while people watching and being surrounded my all different kinds of goings on is a great way to boost my focus and get more done. That said I live in a very hot climate with a very seaside/holiday resort feel to it at the moment. In this case, I really am always outside, not actually inside a cafe or bar.

As for your running/ankle problem. If you can, I’d strongly recommend walking around barefoot for a while outside. I broke my ankle with a nice big snap a few years ago and they wanted to put pins in and everything as they said it would never heal properly. Thankfully, I had a friend who was very into natural health who told me to walk barefoot whenever I could, as this way all the little muscles in your feet and ankles which you don’t use usually are forced to start working out. In fact, the best place to do this is at a beach.

Anyway, I walked barefoot for months after that and was left with the kind of feet and ankles which some people fetish after. :slight_smile:

In either case, good luck!

@cyaxrex Thank you so much, Andy. You read my mind so accurately. This is exactly the same. I can write 15 pages for people in a day but I can not bring myself to write one page for my own research.
I really appreciate your tips as well. Although I have tried those all in the distant past but it did not strike me this time. I may very well do a fast. Fasting surely helps in increasing the focus.
An outdoor office is something which appeals to me. I recently bought a second laptop which is a lightweight ultrabook (barely weighs anything). I bought that for my travelling purpose only. So I may use that for my work.
I live very near to quiet hill town Rishikesh in India which is known as yoga capital of the world. A river flows through the town and so many pebbles are found lying on the river banks. There are lot many boutique cafes and vegan food joints. Quite a charming place to work and focus! I was planning to go there for 15 days (read two months ago) and finish writing my thesis there. I forced myself to be at my current place because I assumed that I might lose focus. Now I realised that I hardly have any focus, so no harm in going there. I wanted this and I can use all your advice. I can work in beautiful cafes, watch the water flowing, keep the fast, do a little yoga, and walk on the pebbles. Thank you again for reminding me of my own plan which I have actually forgotten.

What a great idea, to walk barefoot! Everything gets to realign as it was meant to be. Also the earth and the direct connection to it is healing in itself. There is a way to recharge the body and mind simply by lying down on the earth, with as little clothing as possible.

You’re more than welcome for the advice and I hope it works. I’m just insanely jealous of your location. I will have to put Rishikesh on my list of places to discover myself one day!

You’re more than welcome for the advice and I hope it works. I’m just insanely jealous of your location. I will have to put Rishikesh on my list of places to discover myself one day!

You know what, I am moving to Malta or Cyprus if Modi loses the 2019 elections. So will need your help, not now, but in 2019. Will apply for their Golden Visa scheme and become a citizen. Not joking at all. LOL.

I’m always barefoot, Indians are generally barefoot within their house.

I love Rishikesh so much that I am planning to buy a small studio flat there even if I have to rent it on Airbnb. I can not assume myself buying a house elsewhere in India. I myself feel jealous of the people who are born there and own houses.