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Please suggestion me to account deactivation

Hello expert seller on Fiverr, is there any problem if I delete my Fiverr account and then again create a Fiverr account using the same email id and national id name?
I want to deactivate this account. Unfortunately this account response rate 6 hours. I continue marketing and stay active all time. But I don’t get any orders. It seems to me that my response rate is the main problem. Please suggest me anyone about account diactivation.
My profile link:


you may ask fiverr support, they may better guide you

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Your response rate isn’t the problem. First problem is the amount of competition you have. Second, you’re trying to shove too much information in to one image that is unreadable as a tiny thumbnail. Third, you have duplicate gigs (you’re competing with yourself). Forth, you offer unlimited revisions, which implies you’re not confident in your skill. And many other things.

Try fixing your current gigs before starting over.

Please see:
. Stand Your Ground: Setting Boundaries as a Seller


Your suggestion is most helpful to me. Many many thanks.

Ok, many many thanks for suggestion me.

Response rate is the easiest of profile statistics to improve and deleting an entire account because response rate is slightly long seems like a massive overreaction.

I’ve read of sellers deleting their account for having one or two low initial review scores and found that practice ludicrous, but this takes the cake.


Thank you so much. Your suggestion is helpful to me. Thanks again.

Same question twice. Tut tut.

This Q seems to me that you are more concerned about the gig metrics than the kind of work that you do. Did you come to Fiverr to obsess over Gig metrics and the like or did you come to Fiverr as a place that helps connect your work with the right buyers?

Sorry if this upsets you but I get so frustrated with people endlessly obsessing over Gig metrics and the like, yet seem to spend no time actually developing a Service that is worth anything.

You are not here to play Gigs
You are here to do Good Work.

Doing Good Work will mean that gig metrics are always healthy. Obsessing over gigs more than caring about what you actually do with clients is a guarantee of poor metrics.