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PLease take a look at my gig

Somebody pls buy this gig cause no one will :frowning: am i not marketing properly … also is it a good idea to repost a gig


Begging on the forum for sales is not going to help I’m afraid.
Did you do research and check other people’s gigs?
Your description is very short and does not come across as professional.
I am aware that you are a student, but if you want more sales the way you present
your gig is very important.
Be sure to look at other people’s gigs and see how they are doing.
The biggest problem I see is that I can tell you didn’t spend a long time creating
your gigs. You really need to put in the time and effort if you want sales.

One last thing, why are you using Michael Jackson’s image?
If you are an art student, why aren’t you using your OWN original image that best represents you/your ability? An art student that fails to use an original image does not look good…

Your thread is a better fit for “My Fiverr Gigs” and was moved.

This is also now at least your 3rd post on this in a short time. You’ve gotten answers on all 3 which you seem to be ignoring. Two of the posts will be closed to further replies. Please don’t keep posting the same basic thing.

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