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Please take a moment to verify your ID within 14 days => no sms received

Hi, I have a trouble in my account.
A popup at the top page:
" Please take a moment to verify your ID within 14 days to continue offering and buying services on Fiverr."

I do follow the instruction, hitting the verify via sms.
but i didn’t receive any sms. My phone number still active.
Is there an another verification process (via call)?


try with QR code. it will work. I was also faced the problem. In that case QR code work for me

i scanned with a qr code scanner from playstore.
it contain a link:

i copy & paste the link into browser, nothing happened.

Do it through your mobile phone. Its be ok

ohh, it works now. thank you.

  • make sure to have a smartphone with a camera ready (computer, tablet, phablet are not supported)
  • open the main browser on the smartphone and make sure to log in to Fiverr account that needs to be verified (turn on the option ‘remember me’ when logging in)
  • log in to Fiverr account on a computer
  • follow the option that requires you to perform the ID verification
  • scan a QR code with a smartphone or request a text message to be sent to the phone
  • proceed with a smartphone through the browser
  • use a supported document (supported ones are listed) and upload the picture of it
  • take a selfie picture and upload it

We Couldn’t Verify Your ID On Fiverr

Sorry, we weren’t able to verify your identity after multiple attempts. Therefore, your account has been restricted. You are still able to complete your active orders but cannot place or receive new ones. Please note, you can only communicate with your buyers with whom you have an active order.

whatt? i’m using samsung galaxy s7 for taking photo
3 attemps failed
i use a goverment id card.
it’s my photo when i 25 years old. now i’m 34 yo, of course looks older.

maybe i need to make a passport (even if i don’t willing go abroad).
my photo on my goverment id is too small, photo taken 10 years ago.
maybe this is the problem.

@heymarco Hey Marco, I wanted to book one of your gigs, but do not see you on Fiverr, it looks like you are trying to get re- established?

Hey Marco, how are you?

i’m going to apply a passport for my identity.
it seem my gov id is not accepted.
i don’t have a driving license too :crazy_face:

for this moment you can send request on my iG: @marco.leather
you can pay me after i finished the job.

Hi, thx I do not know how to use IG, can you explain?

Hi Marco, did you solve your identification? How?
I’m encountering this issue as well, my account has been restricted…