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Please take my Fiverr survey :)

Hi everyone,

I’m surveying various buyers and sellers on Fiverr. If any of you could answer these questions, I would really appreciate it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Would you recommend friends sell on Fiverr? Why?

  2. What services do you sell on Fiverr? (Top 3)

  3. Are there any services you feel Fiverr should add?

  4. Do you think the 20% cut Fiverr gets from sales is too much, just right or too little?

  5. Do you use any other freelance services? If so, which ones?


“Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions or anything which is not directly related to their Gigs or orders.”

Not sure how you are doing this but the above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page under Violations.


Okay, I understand. Sorry about that!


I assume the part about “Please respect our members privacy by not contacting them with offers, questions, suggestions…” is more about not contacting specific people directly eg. on the main Fiverr site (and maybe the forum too).

The forum has a poll option so I assume polls/questions in general are allowed (that anyone can answer if they choose to but aren’t forced to).

Though people might not want to answer every question publicly and question 2 might be gig promotion (may not be okay in this section?) and answering question 5 about “other freelance services” may not be okay with the mods (might get the thread/posts removed/edited if Fiverr competitors are listed?).

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These aren’t really questions for which YOU need to know our answers.

If you want to see the top three services of any seller, you can see that information on their Fiverr profile. You also don’t need to be asking other people what services Fiverr should add – they’ll add whatever service options they feel will bring them the most revenue. In addition, the 20% issue is a dead horse – Fiverr keeps 20% of all sales, and you keep 80%. This is not likely to change any time soon, no matter what any seller thinks. And finally, conversation about other freelance sites is not appropriate to these forums – via the forum rules.


They could add the ability to have more gigs per level or more levels and change the evaluation requirements.

Add an option where you could try out different gig ideas without it affecting your stats (like the gig is in trial-mode but people can still order it, maybe without the ability to leave reviews).

They could make the requirements section for an order better by allowing questions to be asked only if certain conditions are met. eg. have the ability to only ask the question if the buyer ordered the premium package or the standard package. Or only ask if they’ve selected a package or something that contains x. Or only ask if they’ve given a particular answer to a previously asked question.

Maybe allow for more modes within an order eg. a bit like milestones. Maybe there could be a draft stage.

Maybe allow those who don’t have a gig in a category to see buyer requests in that category eg. it might help them decide whether to create a gig in that category.

Allow sellers to create gigs with prices or prices for extras that aren’t multiples of $5.

Allow more than 3 packages or more complex or automatically calculated gig pricing (such as gig’s pricing having the ability to be calculated based on duration/number of frames or other parameters).

Maybe better/more intelligent limiting of orders in the queue.

Have cancelled orders not affect the seller if they aren’t the fault of the seller. Maybe have something which can stop buyers from changing an order (in a revision request) to something totally different than the requirements/what an offer was made for.

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