Please take my money! No? Well, OK then... BIG TIP 4 SELLERS


I have a ton of work. Really. Probably more like two tons but, at this point, I quit weighing it. You see, I have a large audience that needs this work that has piled up and, in my continuous search for additional freelance writers, a trusted associate suggests Fiverr. “Let them handle the article’s” he says. “They can cover all the short stories” he says. “It could be a diamond in the rough” he says.
Seems legit. Now the problem…
You see, I’m not a writer, I’m a scout who find’s writers for those on the hunt. Who are these people on the hunt? Let me answer that question with a question; "Who really writes their own stuff these days?"
Websites, author’s, bloggers, researchers; they’re all needy and they all want one thing: original material. So When I get someone’s work, I run it through a system of 16 different filters (ok, my computer does it for me, sue me) that checks the work for plagiarism, text-laundering AND paraphrasing. I do this because the publisher above me runs it through a better system that also checks for obfuscated content and altered algorithm’s. What does that mean? Well, when you take a previously written work and run it through one of those “black-market filters” or BS software made to beat Copyscape (why is Copyscape your “standard” anyway?) it keeps the words the same but the “digital penmanship” changes.
Meaning you don’t get paid. Or get a 2nd job. Or a 3rd, or 40th or 500th. Dimwit.
So here I am making it rain cash like a storm cloud when somebody who claims to want money pull’s out an umbrella called “plagiarism”. Wow. That’s almost as bad as not reading the job description before you perform the work.
Or using more than one of your fake personal accounts with different names to contact me.
Or claiming to be in New York when Fiver’s database shows you in Zimbabwe.
Or saying you’re fluent in English but run your writing through a translator.
But, since I didn’t come here to complain, I’ll close out with this: some of you are obviously going to be very successful.
Some others - not so much.


:grin::frowning: I know the feeling. :laughing::slightly_frowning_face: It’s love/hate. :broken_heart::sparkling_heart: Touch and Go. :grinning::persevere:


Sadly this is what happens in many cases over here,
I’m both a seller and a buyer, and I’m amazed by how bad some fiverr sellers are.


This site is open to anyone in the world so what do you expect?
There are amazing writers on here. You just have to find them amid the rest. I’m always amazed by the high quality of many sellers here, just as I am amazed by the bad ones.


I don’t know how much of a scout you are when you haven’t found me. LOL.


@mrdevon I can recommend the great writer who posted above this one btw.


LOL…my delivery time could be a turn-off…


It didn’t turn me off. :blush::slight_smile:


Which reminds me, O Great Buyer, you have ordered only once :persevere:


Yep, lots of rubbish around but there is also the reality that there are a lot of great sellers here too.
I have hired quite a few writers here for various purposes and that is what you need to understand. There are different styles, qualities, etc. different people are better at different things. Someone who writes for bulk content is unlikely to work out if you want a high quality piece and vice versa.

Anyway, so you are what is called a reseller, not so much a scout but that’s cool -

What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet. Eoinfinnegan

I wrote that, yep - mine, check it, you see my name at the end of it, right?

Anyway, the best place for writers is to check out the forum often. You get a real feel for how people write and how they act.




And I call myself a distinguished litterateur…


[details=Completely OT for Writer] Well, I do need articles written about Laura Bush’s contribution to women owned small business.

Are you up for the challenge? :girl: :princess: :woman: :smiling_imp: [/details]


What? She was just a glorified housewife :persevere: (Nothing wrong with that, if I were to get married, I would want my wife to be a housewife…)


-Ah yes, there are good writers on here - I’ve stumbled on a handful. Lots of creativity, not much experience but TONS of potential. But there’s also much of the opposing force as well.
-Is that pronounced ta-damn! or tada!-mn as in Minnesota? Squirrel…
-I didn’t expect less, was just surprised by the blatant blunder of many a false prophet. Do you know I had a request answered by the same person four different times under four different identities? Yeesh…
-Actually, I’m not a reseller. If you had to label me, you could call me a broker. I don’t purchase and resell for a profit, I purchase for those in need and, when a requesting party keeps getting great material from the same source, I get the heck out of the way and connect the two. Happens quite a bit actually.
-One post and we’re already talking about turn-ons and turn-offs…


Out of curiosity how can you define “potential” when it comes to writing?


Fiverr is a huge marketplace.

Not every product sold on Amazon is actually good.

Some intense searching will land you great writers.

Best of luck.