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Please take other sellers gigs off of my order pages

I just purchased some gigs and was confused by seeing gigs advertised right on the order page, large thumbnails. I was browsing them, thinking they were more gigs of my seller…

Then I noticed they were not his, they were similar gigs to his, but the gigs of other sellers, right on his order page~ I was very annoyed as I had wasted my time looking at gigs thinking they were more of his.

I feel this is really too much. I didn’t appreciate it. And I don’t want my competitor’s gigs being shown on my order pages.


I think this was happening for years now. This is one of the reasons I stopped marketing my gigs and started to promote my blog instead.

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I really don’t think this is helpful in any way. I am not interested in browsing the gigs of sellers when I’m looking at an order page and do not want my clients to be hijacked away from me in this way.

i dont get it can send a screen shot maybe ?

After the order is delivered the ads/thumbnails are on the bottom, but during the order process they are in the middle of the order page where you have to deliberately try to ignore them as you go about your communications with the seller.

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This seems to be a norm on lots of e-commerce sites from the giants to the small players. I’ve been running a side business with physical products and similar products are shown to my buyers. I don’t like it at all for my business but I see how it earns more for the platform. Hopefully I get sales when my products show on other seller pages if mine are better.

You could send a message to staff with your concerns but I don’t think it would matter any more than it does on the forum.