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Please tell every one

my gigs impressions and clicks daily very low tell me, please


It increase your Gigs impressions you have to do social share. You can share your Gigs on social media like facebook & twitter.

It will help you to increase views and impressions


ok i will share on social media


Share on social media and try to be online more … that helps improve impressions as buyers usually look at online sellers.


i am online every time on fiver mobile app


your gig many social media platform share you…and given rich impression
thank you

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it’s ok but your other’s social media platform share you…

ok thanks guys for telling

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You have to marking your gigs

Sharing your gig in social media and try to more active in online.

You should share your gigs in social media site .

In reference to sharing on Social Media :arrow_down:

I use my app often too to stay in touch when I am available. However, as far as being online, I get orders when I am sleeping and my phone is off.

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My gig impression and click getting rise but I’ve no order. what should I do for my first order? watch my profile and my gig, how I find impression and click.