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Please Tell How To Get First Order

Hello My Name is Ahmad Raza.I Just Created My Account about 22 Days Ago and Got Just 2 orders By Buyer Requests.My Gigs Description Completely Pro Styled.I did So much SEO By Youtube but can’t Get any impressions My Gigs Still got Just 121 Impressions but Not Any Order.Please Help me With Tips


You are lucky that you have 2 orders in 15 days, keep sending buyer request this is the best way to get orders for newbies and when you have some positive review then you will have direct buyers. Wish you best of luck:)


Stay online and try to find-out when the buyer request come. If you get any buyer request then try to offered them professionally…


I’ve 5.0 Stars Rating But Now My Gigs Stops Ranking I mean Not Getting any new Impressions and More

Thank You For This Tip Now I’ll wait for New Requests to Offer Them Good Work On Low Budget.

Dear Ahmad,

Read this great article written Paul (One of the best writer), I hope it will help, The key to success is hard work and consistency. Best of Luck

You have to promote your gig by sharing social media. Then your gigs clicks, views, impressions will be improving.

Thank You Brother.I will.

Yes I’m Trying This But can’t find Any Serious Group on Facebook or other social media sites

Yeah that is a big problem so far. keep trying…

Yeah There is no way Instead Trying

Suggest you do not address others as brother, mate, dear, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

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Share your gigs on social media on twitter with # tags.

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Ok I will But I were never Know That People Don’t Like To Call Them Brother.But in Buyer Request I call them Dear Client or Sir/Madam

Also, why you are asking for first order if you already got 2?

Yeah I’m Trying But can’t found any serious People on Social Media They Just Waste Time.

One was from my Close Friend and Other Was By Buyer Request.Not Getting Any Order through Gigs

Sometimes you don’t know if they are Sir or Madam so be careful! :wink:

Then you shouldn’t ask for first order. You got already got 2

That’s Why I call Them Client Mostly

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