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Please Tell Me How Fiverr Works for buyers

Anyone please tell me how fiverr works for buyers i want to buy a gig when i order gig they redirect to paypal payment gateway they not ask something Ex:- site url or any other, Please anyone tell me steps by steps, How to buy.?

Follow the steps prompted on the screen.

You will be paying for the gig through paypal when you order.

You will then be required to type more information on the gig order to start the order.

The seller will then deliver your order.

When you mark the order as complete or 3 days has past after delivery, the seller will get the money for the order.

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Oh! Thankyou #landongrace

Who is “they” redirect you? If it’s Fiverr that is ok, if it is the actual seller that is against the terms of use.

TO buy a gig, you just click the green button on the sellers gig that says $5 Order Now.

It will take you to a page that asks you how you want to pay, unless you may have already turned on their one click paypal thing, where it will take you right to the paypal page. But on the paypal page it will say the price and what you are buying. Then you log in and make your payment, then it brings you back to Fiverr and you fill in instructions for your seller.

What kind of gig were you trying to buy?