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Please tell me how I can improve my gigs

Hello, I am new on fiverr and was wondering if anyone would please give me feedback on my gigs to try and help me get sales.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Find three gigs that are competing with you that have high sales (Lots of Reviews)? You can privately send the links to me and we can take a look at it. There is over 10,000 gigs in the photoshop category on Fiverr so you are going to have to find a smaller niche to help break in. Your new gigs won’t have traction until they have atleast 1 sale and 1 5 star Review.

You should create some gigs based on specific things you can do with Photoshop.

Here’s an example.

I will remove or change any background professionally for $5

You have to ask yourself, who needs my services and for what purpose. Could aspiring models need you to retouch their photos? Are their people with pimples that need those removed? What about flyers, advertising, web banners? The problem with the “I will do anything in Photoshop” gigs is that not everyone is searching that.

add videos, and more gigs