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Please tell me how much buyer request i send then the buyer will respond to me? I sent 5 requests but still nothing any response

please tell me how much buyer request i send then the buyer will respond to me? I sent 5 requests but still nothing any response.


keep patience :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon: :ribbon:

sir,.as a New seller you can send 10 request per day and its upto buyer either he will reply or not. if he will be agreed to give order then he will reply otherwise not.

Thank you for asking this question i believe there is mentioned the number of buyer request on the request page, so there is 10 request available for 24 hours that you can used to send buyer request so here are some tips.

Please read the buyer request very carefully and to make your request more authentic and original ask couple of questions regarding the buyer request and if he is asking any questions or confused try to answer buyers questions and make sure to end your buyer request may be with a questions so he will try to answer and the your can easily interact with the buyer in the chat section and make the process easy and clear for the buyer and make the buyer purchase awesome,

PS : this is my way of sending request when i started working on fiverr and i got a very good result not sure if this will work for all the seller or may be someone can add more points if i missed,

Good Luck & Thank you

Adeel Hanif
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Check this out:

it s belong to buyers they will chose who they want there are so many buyer request and so many people send buyer request to same buyer request. you can see how many request for buyer request in offers.

thanks, Adeel Hanif!
for sharing your valuable knowledge

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Don’t lose patience
I think it would be better for you to be more active online

Keep patience . And try to put effort when you are putting a request.

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ok but i am online almost 15 to 18 hours .

I sent 100+ and only 2 messaged me. Only 1 placed an order

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I don’t understand one thing bro when I am writing a request and when I completed my request than request has been disappeared.

@ameerhamza081 please send a professional request then you can get order

Maybe your browser reloads the page in background or you are taking too much time to write your portfolio. Try to be faster. You will be good to go !

Bro everything is not so easy … Keep patience… And work hard.

no yr i dont take much time in just a minute or half a minute just

hmmm, by the way, when getting you your first order

I got mine after waiting around 7 days. Created 3 gigs .

10 days after opening the gig. After sending almost 100 buyer request, I got the 1st order.