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Please tell me how to rank my gig

I am really new. I am continuously creating gigs but not getting any order. Please someone tell me about how to improve my gigs. Thanks in advance.

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I will just leave it here with you. Also please move your post to “improve my gig” category if you want people to have a look at your gig and give you an advice.

And in your case simply type “how to rank my gig”


You say you ‘continuously create gigs’ but you only have one listed and business cards are highly competitive. I think that hyperlink is against TOS, so you might want to review those. 100% guarantees are risky. There are a few grammar errors. Minor inconsistency: In images, you have two that the ‘stacked’ cards show the contact info, but you switch this in the third.


Thank you for your answer. I couldn’t understand the line, “I think that hyperlink is against TOS”. What did you mean by hyperlink and how can I improve? Can you please explain this for me?

Sorry, I can’t find the ‘approved link list’, which is why I stated it might be against. In short, there’re a limited number of external sites you can link to in your gig or profile. I’ll keep looking for the list, but if someone else has it, feel free to post.

Edit: Found it!
Good news, Flickr is on there.

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