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Please tell me how to receive first order?

I am new on fiverr. Many days spent but don’t receive any order. Please tell tips and tricks?


keep sending offers to buyer requests daily .10/10


You are welcome to Fiverr forum
You need to find the market for that
Promote your gig in social media networks
Use the correct tags and topics
Read the forum’s tips
Send the buyer requests (10)
Stay online with the account


Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your advice

Sometimesbuyers requests are not releated to your niche even though shall we send proposal?

There is no proven formula. Keep doing what others suggest, they are all necessary, but may not be enough. Make sure your service is unique (If you have 20+ sellers doing exactly the same, you are not), and offers the best value for clients!

Are you getting the buyer request?
If yes,then send the 10 offer to buyer daily.
Don’t be disappointed keep trying regularly, one day you will get the confirm order as I get my first order after 3 months of starting my gigs.

Best of lick.

Don’t Worry About this,
1- Create Your Gigs at least 5.
2- Keep online at least 6 hours daily.
2-Share your gigs at social media .
Best of Luck :slightly_smiling_face:.

Please tell me how to send proposal?

Thanks bro for your valuable advice

Thanks for your valuable reply