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Please tell me waht the issue with my gig


Please anyone check the gig and tell me whats the wrong because my impression, clicks and views are very less and last seven days i get 3 orders from buyer request and not getting any single order normally

Please any one tell me if the images on gig problem are any other.



It appears your profile has a lot of grammatical errors which can be off putting for the customer. I would suggest you work on fixing that. Getting orders from buyer’s request isn’t a bad thing.


Thanks a lot for your reply.


I am facing the same issue. Please help me. Thanks in advance


@jessy455 If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


Thank you for your reply.


Can you please explain what the grammatical errors.


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There aren’t that many issues. I fixed some of them for you. You could try fully capitalising the keywords. You’re a level two seller so don’t worry much. It also helps to advertise on other social media platforms.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot dear…