Please tell me What i do?


Hello there

i am join fiverr two month ago i am done 55 order and got 46 reviews in two month i am very happy because i got good pocket money i am also got level two But last 15 days i have no order i edit my gig 2 or 3 times change gig image or title but still no order and i see red down arrow below to my gig please tell what i do

thank you


Sometimes fiverr banned some gigs , check if the gig still visible in search

Hope it’s help.

if you new in fiverr i sure that course will help you , it’s 90% coupon discount for first days of promotion.

Good Luck!!!

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This happens all the time. Sometimes no matter what you do, we all go through the dry-up period. The only thing I can tell you is don’t panic, we’ve all been there, ( I know I have, in fact many times!) and keep promoting your gigs to other people.


Red arrow


thank you please tell which is best place to promote my gig ?