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Please tell me what is the procedure to go the front page

Hi everybody…I want to go front page of the It is possible?I want to go top level.and I want to promote my gig.Is it possible yet?plase tell me what is the policy…

Do you mean the featured gigs on the front page? These are selected by Fiverr staff only. You can promote your gigs on social media for example. In regards of the levels you can find a lot of information by visiting the Fiverr Academy.

how I promote my gigs on social media?

That’s up to you.

Whenever you create a gig there is a little icon that pops up in your dashboard. It gives you the opportunity to share your gig on social media. You can also create a youtube video with a link to you Fiverr gig for example or tweet your fiverr gig link to your followers if you have a twitter account. There are lots of options ;).

wiggling your nose.

In all seriousness though let me ask you…In a forum filled with other sellers do you think that if anyone had the answer do you truly think they would share that golden egg of knowledge with you or anyone else here?

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to get on the front page of results for a number of months. So far I have tried the following without success:

  1. Repeatedly checking to see if my gig is on the front page instead of sending replies to buyer requests that match my skills.
  2. Obsessing about getting to the front page instead of promoting myself in other places.
  3. Googling “how to get to the front page of Fiverr” and reading endless amounts of affiliate marketing crap instead of promoting myself in other places.
  4. Repeatedly contacting Customer Support and asking if I can be moved up the rankings (in a way similar to a 5 year old saying “are we there yet?” on a long journey) instead of promoting myself in other places.
  5. Standing in front of a mirror on Friday 13th and saying “Bloody Fiverr” 5 times (I had high hopes for that one) instead of …

Just get stuck into doing the work you have excellently, sending replies to buyer requests, promoting yourself elsewhere and finally, positively contributing to the Forum. The orders will come.

Yup for a moment I was pretty much wasting time trying to figure out getting to front page or featured. I realize that it is out of my control.

So now I just promote my business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and will soon have a blog up. I do manage to get outside sales that way. Fiverr orders will come.

After reading this I looked at the front page. The top section was “selected especially for me based on my interests” so that part will change for each person.
Next came some gigs which have lots of reviews but without any characteristics that I could see that would make them special. There was a row of featured gigs.
Then there was a section of new gigs without any reviews or just a few. I can’t see any particular outstanding gigs on the front page. It looks random.

This is correct. The front page gigs are different for every user based on their past purchases, favorites and searched keywords.

Good for you! You do some really nice work so the orders will come, just stick with it and the blog is a good idea.

you can promote your gigs online by a number of ways , i posted this before, you can check out the link below and see my post about promoting your gigs online.

Target 1 search keyword for example “Original Article” and add tags to your gig according. Check the tags and titles of the gigs ranking high for the keyword you’re targeting and try to replicate them.

If your category allows gig packages, enable them. Believe me i did and it pushed my gig to first page with in 10 minutes. Add a video to your gigs too.

Have a video?

I woke up this morning to find my leading gig featured on Fiverr’s homepage. I never really thought of it that much.

There’s no magic trick to getting on the front page. If you’re both unique and very lucky, you can get your gig selected by the Fiverr staff to be a featured gig, but this process is both opaque and fickle. If you want to be among the top handful of high-ranked sellers in a category, only time and effort will put you there. A good portfolio of reviews, a high volume of sales, good click-through ratio, high external traffic, fast delivery time, and more - all these things are necessary for ranking high. The good news, though, is that you can control most of these on your own.

I believe getting to the front page, like you said, depends on the Fiverr team. Sometimes having the right keyword for your title and tags can work out. Like every others suggested, promoting your gig on Facebook and the likes can help.

thank you everybody…I just reading and be hurrted because of I have no chance to get it…so I want to say king is always king…

Same problem here. I can’ find myself in Fiverr search results

i have no job done yet on fiverr. but i do believe that if i do my job properly i can go to the top. thanks #jacksillon for this nice topic.