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Please tell me what is the procedure to go the front page

LOL…I just love this title, that’s why posting it here. It’s a popular forum topic started by a newbie. What’s your favorite/funniest Fiverr forum topic?

“Buyer scammer ******* never delivered my logo! How do I get my money back??”

  • This has to be my favourite post. You know, seller accepted delivery without receiving anything or didn’t realise that disappearing for two weeks after ordering might not be the best way to ensure that they actually get what they want…

Of course, I know that there are always extraneous circumstances such as buyers having to leave town for a few days or the dog eating their common sense… But still, these and the ‘buy my gig for pity sake’ posts have to be my favourites.

I got 5 star review. Send me more work.

Fiverr is a SCAM (because this one seller was dishonest, or because the buyer was clueless from the start and couldn’t be bothered to read FAQ and ToS).

There was a good one in tips for buyers–might still be there–in which a seller was satisfied with the service but wanted to know how they could get their money back. I can’t remember the logic.

My favorite is “how I get sales” which is commonly posted in Tips for Sellers initially until a Mod moves them.
The fact that there are pinned posts and over 10,000 posts in the Tips for Sellers section specifically with, as the name suggests, ways to increase sales, is not enough to help “I” get sales. “I” needs to get their finger out of their ass and look around them to see how “I” can get sales instead of posting about it…

I found many funny topics, but I can´t remember the titles :slight_smile:

Don’t you mean, “how do I get sells?”

My fav was just the same as that of @cyaxrex ‘buy my gig for pity sake’ it made me laugh

Apologies for the typo