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Please tell me what to do i need sales sales sales

Have been on Fiverr for the past one month now with so many page views but little or no order from any buyer. please tell me what to do pals

celticmoon said: Sorry, just ruminating....seen this so many times~

Looks like you need to buy your own gigs!

I’m always amazed that people who claim to be “experts” at website promotion, promising fabulous increases in sales & hits & rankings to others (for a fee, of course), who apparently know many thousands of “real” people with “solid” links, almost always end up on the forums asking how to get sales because it’s been a WEEK! or a MONTH! or whatever, and they haven’t made any sales. First, I think, doesn’t anybody have any patience anymore? And then I wonder just how “real” all those thousands of links are, when they can’t seem to rustle up a sale for themselves with them.

Sorry, just ruminating…seen this so many times~

My advice (in addition to the link above :slight_smile: ) is to be patient - even if you do EVERYTHING right, it can still take time and there will always be ups and downs.

The services you’re offering are the same as many other sellers and they’re also the sort of gigs Fiverr doesn’t generally promote as much because they can be against third party site Terms.

kk thanks

Reply to @cheezees:

One of the reasons why I don’t believe in those SEO gigs anymore.

Reply to @itsyourthing: i really appreciate your contribution to this prob.

Reply to @cheezees: no quams

Reply to @itsyourthing: i really appreciate your contribution to this prob.

Reply to @celticmoon: yes yes yes u have a strong point but be sure that i will meet u @ the top

Did I read your username as WEBTRAFFICEXPERT?

You need to read the text right above YOUR username.



The thread’s 4 years old! :zombie:

I’m sure you’ll find lots of newer ones to comment on! :slightly_smiling_face:

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4 years back is like yesterday. Time flies.