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Please Tell My Gig Mistakes!

Hi Respect People :slight_smile:

Just created a new Gig => Click Here !

I am new here please check my gigs and tell me if there is any mistake so that I can get good sales

Thank you so much !


For the gig you’ve linked to+profile:

No question mark at the end of your “Do you want to impress your customers…” question.
Using unlimited revisions which could lead to 20+ free revisions or revisions forever.
Says “within 4 Hours Delivery”. That’s probably too short (you might want >4 hours sleep within 24 hours).
“Money Back Guarantee” - could lead to cancellations which would prevent you from achieving levels.
Maybe reword “So let me tell you that you are at right place on right time”.
Using a profile image of a person other than yourself.


Ok thank you for your response and kind words. Yeah i will take a look on gig description and modify the things which u said

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