Please tips me improve my community skills


I want to improve my Communication skills. Now help me if you know better way to learn communication skills. Please let me know by reply.
Thank you for time.


Its a matter of using right words at the right time so just be more polite your buyers.
Respect them even if you disagree or cannot come up to a level of agreement.
Be patient in dealing with everyone.
Dont just directly say NO to anyone…even if you have to, try find some appropriate words that have a positive influence.
If there is a language barrier try your level best to explain rather than giving up.
Appreciate each others efforts and work.
Hope these things will help you in communication here…Good Luck :smiley:


If you stay with people you will learn how to interact and communicate with them. Sense of humor will come from there as well. Sometimes the situation won’t be comfortable but you have to make it.


I would suggest improving your Communication skills by using the forum, but also finding other ways to speak with others. Try to find communities where English is spoken since it is a shared language for sellers and buyers. There are other online chatrooms and forums that move slowly and you can learn.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to join a group with some fluent English speakers who want to socialize. You can also find sites where you can take free or cheap courses in communication. Some Fiverr sellers also offer tutorials or lessons in English.

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