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Please try my gig and tell me what are the mistakes I have done



Since I already had a look at your gig I figured I’ll throw in my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

  • get rid of those grammar mistakes
  • add more images to your portfolio
  • don’t overuse exclamation marks, especially when it comes with spelling mistakes ODER NOW!!!
  • don’t promise “any photo editing service” with unlimited revisions. It sounds desperate and sooner or later you’ll get a buyer who will take advantage of this. Know your limitations and promote your strengths.

Other than that, stick around and work your a** off :wink:


For starters …
Spell “professionally” correctly

There are several grammar mistakes in your description of the gig.
Missing “of” a few times and some “ing” a few times.

Videos help your gig sell much better. Find a way to make a video to display your pictures and pricing. This boosts your rankings a LOT in the fiverr search engine.

Good luck.