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Please update the Deadline/Cancellation Process


trying to manage multiple gigs from sellers and sometimes either they have things come up or i do. normally if you have like a 24-48 hour window where you cant communicate and/or you request 1-2 modifications.

then all of a sudden the seller realizes they have a couple hours left and dont want to get punished so they send requests to cancel instead. and now i have to start process all over, buy another gig, re-explaining my details and modifications over again. its a unneeded headahe imo. there should be away for more customizable/adjustable deadlines.

im happy that there is something in place to give seller the impetus to work quickly but for my personal buying habits, most of my gigs arent immediate time restricted high priority gigs (there $5). so i would prefer that projects are just finished instead of having to go back and forth and having to resubmit and restart them.