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Please urgently assist me

Kindly assist me on something. What are the current trends in research and summaries that can ensure a freelancer is on top of the game from other vendors who are offering the same services?

Here is are my gigs and description. Advise me as appropriate

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I think it would be best if you did your own research into current trends in research and summaries. Put those research skills to use! :slight_smile:


I agree. Its something that you have to find out yourself. No one can help you with that. Find your own creative way. Share your gigs more often into social medias. Look into top rated seller/lv2 seller accounts. You will understand whats the difference between you and them. I hope you get your first work asap :slight_smile:

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I have actually decided to diversify my services for I am kind of multi-talented. What would be your advice?

Same advice. It doesn’t matter what your skill set is, you gotta do your own research :slight_smile: