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Please use Limited revision especially Graphic and animation worker


I don’t know why many peoples thinking like they have paid $500 even they know well that without fiverr platform $5 worth is just for $5.
I 'll suggest you add 1 or 2 revision for free cause some buyers are don’t understand your hard work and they don’t imagine that every things creation is not so easy.

Thank you


I agree, I think graphics, logos and all kinds of artwork are things that should have limited revisions allowed before paying more. On the other hand, many of those who work in these areas should be a little more inquisitive about the job. So often, I give a list of things that I would like done in my graphic and the response I get is “OK”.
Then, the work is returned and it is either not like I asked as they didn’t understand or sometimes, it doesn’t look well because it was me who designed it. I work well with words not designs, colours and layouts. Artists doing these things, PLEASE ask a few questions, make a few suggestions etc. it makes the whole job easier for both of us.


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Yeah, that would stop people adding bit by bit like “please remove the hat”, then “please change the hair color”, then “please make it a bit shorter.” I actually don’t mind doing all these for free (well as long as the list isn’t unbelievable long), since it just takes a few clicks. But please make a list, why continuously request modifications just for a tiny change each time?


Because asking questions take times and sometimes doesn’t work $5.
I am not talking about you specifically, but in general. I do have people asking "can you draw me a picture? " or “I want my book illustrated, how much?”

I am not going to answer “yes”, or ask “give me more details about your book”.




This doesn’t happen just in the case of graphics. For example yesterday I had copy-type a long resume for $5. Although my gig only consists of copy-typing following the same format I accepted to make some small changes to the format and ended up with a rejected order 7 times. Each time the client thought he would like something more added or deleted. And all for $5. And by the end, even if he was extremely pleased with the result, no tip or anything. So, in some cases we agree to do work for free just to make them happy and come back but it’s important to be careful and not make anyone think that your work is worth nothing. I always remind them that this is more like a ‘‘bonus’’. :slight_smile: That’s my way of dealing with it at this time.


First off, I don’t think that original graphics or artwork which is done well should ever cost just $5, but that’s just me, not every buyer. Having to answer annoying questions is standard when you have to deal with people. I would suggest you have a standard answer which has leading questions asking for specific details about a project and send it to anyone who messages you. When you get those, then quote a price. Also, don’t expect all buyers to want the cheapest work done. I have two orders which both went from $5 to $75 after one message explaining that what they are asking for costs more than $5.
They did not question it as they understood the work involved after I had explained it to them!


Yes, that must be frustrating. Perhaps just say “Is that the only change you would like?” and if they say yes then great, if not then they will send the other things they want done. Communication is very important and will save you a lot of time if you do it well. It also builds a relationship with the client who then will trust you with bigger jobs and the advice you give. All of this helps you to win jobs that are for more than $5.


Exactly. In Bureau, an original logo costs up to $1000-$10,000. Even far multiples if you hire an agency. Some buyers overestimate the quality they would get for $5.


I agreed !


One of the best tips I’ve learned from the Project Management classes I’ve taken is as follows.

  1. If you find a project that’s too complicated don’t take it.
  2. If you have a project that becomes too complicated, see if you can cancel it.

This is the same steps I use on Fiverr. Some buyers have requested many, many revisions at which point I had to consider whether $5 was worth the time I had to invest, and then cancelled the order. I’d rather have 5 easy orders of $5 each, rather than 1 super complicated order for $25.


Thanks for all to sharing your experiences