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Please Visit my fiverr gig and guide me

Please visit my gig and tell me it’s good
and guide me, please.
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In your gig it says “4-Year Experience on this Platform”.

It’s not clear what you mean by that. Saying that it seems like you might mean the Fiverr platform but your profile was created less than 2 years ago.

Your gig says “24/7 Friendly Communication”. How are you going to communicate with your buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It seems a bit unrealistic.

It’s probably okay but just in case, I’d check the different site’s terms to make sure there’s no issue with you creating the profiles for businesses on them all.

I’m not sure the “hurry up” bit of the gig description is a good idea. It might seem like you’re putting pressure on the buyer, and for no real reason.

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Try to add better gig image and include a gig video.

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Thanks for the information


You wrote you’ve got 4 years of experience but you didn’t add any proof or relevant link/screenshot. It will mislead some buyers. Hope, you’ll get this fixed.

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@uk1000 Thank you so much

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@rose_gresham Thank you

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