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Please visit my fiverr profile. I’m new seller.Need your help to increase my skill on Fiverr

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Are you new here?..


How can I unblock this page?

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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will complete facebook promotion rapidly and timely in a day

It says “Then you have derived to the correct apartment.”. I think saying something like “If so, you are at the right place” would be better, since they’re not at an apartment really.

It says you get “Very reckless promotion and marketing”. I don’t think people would really want reckless promotion and marketing.

Gig: I will patronize fashionable facebook marketing and adds campaign

In the title maybe “adds campaign” should be “ads campaign”.

In the description it says “Make Crusades for cold, sincere, and hot traffic”. Maybe reword that.

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Yes,I am new here. I want to start my work as a freelancer.Must need help.Please.

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ok . Thank you so much.

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