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Please visit this gig and tell what is the problem

Hi sadikatick

It is important to take care of the way you write both in the title and in the description. Your text is understood but the client sees that it is not correctly written and if you are not careful with the way you write, why should you be careful with their work?

I understand that English is not your first language and it’s possible that the client will too, but they won’t risk it. If you want to take it seriously, I advise you to hire someone to write the gig for you.

Good wishes with your business! :blush:


Hi there,
The English needs some work and you could change the way the information is set out. When I see the great big list of things that you can do it make me switch off, if you know what I mean.

Thank you rosebarlow

Thank you roxita for you advise

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Hi sadikatick,

You seem to be getting good customer feedback so far, so you’re doing something right! Sometimes your work will speak for itself, so keep adding your best samples and update them frequently.

I think one strong thing about your gig is that you have included a lot of specific benefits about why to choose you! If you just get someone to edit it to make it feel like US English, you will be in pretty good shape.

You might also think about adding a headline at the top of your description that really captures what makes you special. Maybe something like “CLEAN, MEMORABLE COMMERCIAL DESIGN”

Words like ELEGANT, PROFESSIONAL, BRAND-FOCUSED all tend to catch people’s eyes as well. Or if you have a really fast turnaround time, or you spend extra time getting to know exactly what your customer needs so that your design is more personal to them, emphasize that. Sometimes “customer care” has more weight than your actual portfolio.

Your gig title is a little garbled. If you are seeing a lot of impressions but not that many clicks, maybe go with something more like


or even drop the keywords and try


Then put things like “ebook” “form” etc in your tags for the gig.

The risk of listing out all the individual types of possible designs is that, as rosebarlow said, it’s off-putting to most people. You don’t have room to list everything at once anyway. So even though you might think it’s better for SEO because you’re getting some possible search terms in there, people might miss the fact that what you do overall is great design for businesses.

This gig could be potentially split into multiple gigs that each emphasize different types of collateral that people might be looking for, like one focusing on brochures for example. You can try out a few things: keep each gig open for at least a month and then delete or rework the ones that get fewer clicks and impressions than others. Since Fiverr lets you have a lot of gigs at once, it’s easy to make a bunch of ones that are similar — but not TOO similar – and customize the pricing and description slightly for each one. Experiment!

The presentation of your message can make a big difference. I agree with others who have recommended to fix up the language and grammar — there are great proofreaders here on Fivver who can help. (As a matter of fact, I’m one of them! But take a look around and find someone whose style is a good fit for you.) Spending a few bucks to make sure you’re not losing buyers over something like grammar, or a perception of sloppiness because of the language barrier, will almost definitely pay off in the long run.

Ive rewritten part of your Intro if you wish to use it, good luck with your endeavours.

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yes I have same question…

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