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Please Vote Now for New Fiverr Feature for Sellers - Seller Accept/Reject orders feature


Should Sellers be allowed to accept or decline an order if buyers placed the order without contacting or without proper Information?

  • Yes, Seller should have an option to accept or reject order.
  • No, Seller will have to accept the order if buyer placed it.

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There should have options for sellers to accept/reject order
There should be a feature on fiverr where sellers would be allowed to either accept or reject orders from buyers

Yes, yes and yes!

Though there is the argument that the buyer does pay for the gig first, and if it’s declined, the buyer does not get their money back, as it just returns to their shopping balance from a cancelled order and that’s not a good practice.

But if they could make an exception for declined orders that they are refunded, or if possible, delay charging the payment until an order is delivered.

And to allow sellers to notice bad apples, give buyers their own rating that sellers can see. This would also encourage friendly communication on both sides.


In theory I think yes but in terms of how it would/could be used I think probably not.
Fiverr has always been set up for sellers to list what they offer - a gig - and for buyers to be able to select the gigs and sellers they want to use. Allowing a cancellation after ordering would complicate things considerably. Whether a buyer has submitted enough information is very subjective and would be open to a seller canceling for any other reasons. Specifically, this would be abused by those using bait and switch tactics or those who have gigs advertised but ask people to contact them first as they don’t follow the base price rules.
All gigs are supposed to be clearly explained in the description and gig requirements should be clear about what is necessary.
I know that not all buyers read and follow instructions but that does not mean the whole site concept should be changed. The onus is on sellers to be clear, to have requirements that are sensible and extract the information necessary from the buyer. We are the ones who are supposed to know how the site works after all, we are the experts.
I have had just one mutual cancellation in the last year, below is a post I wrote some time back which could be helpful in reducing the number of orders you get that you want to cancel and getting paid correctly.


This feature has been suggested multiple times. Personally, I disagree with it and there are a few reasons as to why:

  1. Fiverr’s current order system is very simple for buyers - at one stage they used the tagline of “Browse. Buy. Done”. Adding an extra step of acceptance heavily impact this. Imagine you are a buyer on a tight deadline - or even just someone who wants to order and not “worry about it”. You may place an order, then have to wait X amount of time to know whether it’s gone through or not. As many buyers and sellers are on difference timeframes (not to mention some sellers are more active than others) - there is no indication of how long this will take. What if a buyer places their order whilst the seller is asleep. They don’t hear back for 8 hours. Do they pull their request, hire from someone else or wait?

  2. This effectively removes any “days off” for sellers. For example, I don’t work everyday and I’m not available everyday because I have two young children. My current delivery times are setup to help with this. If a buyer places and order, I know I have x amount of time to get to it and deliver - more than enough required and it safeguards me, whilst also still allowing me to receive new orders when I’m not online. For example, let’s say I don’t work Sundays. With an accept/deny options, I would potentially receive no new orders on the Sunday - or I would but couldn’t accept them and they may go elsewhere or get worried (“I’ve placed my order, why haven’t you accepted it yet”). It’s added pressure that directly affects our business.

  3. The current system allows us to accept/reject an order. Doing nothing is the default acceptance. Putting in a mutual cancellation request is rejecting an order. If a buyer refuses a cancellation, you are well within your rights to pick and choose who you service and why - customer support can help with this. You might argue that cancelling orders may affect your account but if it’s only a small percentage, there’s little to no effect. If you find yourself rejecting or cancelling a larger percentage of orders, it may be time to reflect on your own gig, what you’re offering and if it’s clear enough - assess the scenario behind the rejections and see if this is something you can tackle directly (i.e. let’s say you sell voiceovers and many clients aren’t buying enough units to cover their word count - could you be displaying this better?)


Yes, Yes, yes.


  1. People don’t read gig’s description
  2. If they read, they don’t understand
  3. If they understand, they don’t care

Nevertheless, this feature will never be implemented.


Couldn´t it be an optional feature though? Then those who want the buyers who want to ‘browse, buy, done’ within a few hours of their own timezone could choose not to click that feature and those who experience a lot of cancellation-needed issues could use it (or even selevtively use it only for (a) gig(s) that attract/s buyers who don´t read and place orders that have to be cancelled). And the buyers would have the choice to either wait for the reply of a specific seller, or move on to one from whom they can order right away.
I have no idea how complicated or not that would technically be though, so maybe it´s not viable, just a thought.


The ‘after ordering’ part is what I think is complicating things really, in my ideal fiverr there´d be a button sellers have to click before they are able to ‘Order Now’, in which they have to confirm that they did read and accept the seller´s ‘terms’/gig description.
And then it should be a clear thing that if the seller has to initiate a cancellation, because it turns out that the buyer obviously did not read it, that it won´t be counted against the seller’s rating.


Whilst that is technically “do-able” (although I’m not sure if it is within Fiverr’s current system), that again complicates the order system further for buyers. Some gigs are instant, others are pending - it’s another variable factor which only adds more hurdles to placing an order.

If the main complaint above is buyer’s not reading or noticing elements within the gig description, what’s to say they will read/follow/notice if a gig opens automatically or requires approval.


Yes, I see and understand all points made, only it seems like a good idea to try to find a way to make the system fairer for sellers too, as if they really do the best they can (e.g. within the very limited character limits the package descriptions the gigs have) to make clear what the gig is about and what not, if there is a good way. Either way it´s not okay that sellers get penalized via their cancellation rate, I think that a lot of people who don´t get that problem often would think differently probably, if they did, I guess it can depend a lot on the ‘nature of the gig’ itself, not only on the presentation.

I´m lucky to only have needed to ask CS for a cancellation once, and it was kind of a technical reason, the buyer’s mistake, double order, and I was told it won´t count against my rating, but I understand well that some sellers due to their gigs might get customers who either don´t read or don´t understand, or don´t care quite often.

I just imagine, since so many sellers complain about this, that the cancellation rate does have to have an effect that affects them enough to care and complain. Maybe if it was clearer how much the cancellation rate affects things, it would be less of a problem. Or more. :wink:


@miiila @twistedweb123 I have completed 20 orders with 5 star ratings & 2 orders are in queue. And I am on fiverr for more than 30 days. That means I am eligible for level 1 batch. But still I have not got it.

Because of 1 buyer who placed the order 3 times even after saying that I can’t do it as the price for the complete Ecommerce website that he was paying was very low. And even after telling him he placed the order & we have to mutually cancelled the order.

And I reported this to fiverr & they told me that due to cancelled order you are not promoted to level 1.

So can you tell me what was my mistake? I clearly told him that I can’t do it at this price. Still he placed the order. On telling support team they told me to request the buyer for mutual cancellation.

And I did that. And in return got no level 1 badge.


That for example is an effect that will be hard to discuss away as minor.

I didn´t say you made a mistake, I understand you quite well, and actually voted for your suggestion.


In this scenario it sounds like you require an individual block for the buyer/order - not a complete system change which affects all of your other orders due to a 4.3% occurrence.


Here I am not talking from an individual point of view but from a new seller point of view.

If the order is mutually cancelled then why it is considered for level promotion? A mutual cancellation can be of various reason sometimes because of buyers & sometimes because of Sellers.

So why sellers have to suffer even when the mistake is of buyers and which resulted in mutual cancellation?

There should be something which will make buyers more careful before placing the order.


Yes most definitely. I have had a number of buyers place orders without the correct information or place an order on the incorrect gig.

I have once sent in a cancellation request and the buyer ignored it. This meant I had to complete an order within 3 days that should have been ordered on another gig and I would have had 2 weeks to complete it.

Anyway I did the order because it was a repeat customer that gives a great review and I don’t want to cause any bad vibes.

However I had to work hard today with family here to complete this order today which could have been avoided.


Seen the fact that there are sellers who don’t like this option, it would be a good idea to turn it on and off in the account settings. This way everybody would be happy.


Yes this would be a great option to Activate & deactivate this feature.

Same like there is an option to limit the number of orders in queue.

I hope someone who is Fiverr Ambassador or Official staff & thinks that this feature should be implemented for sellers please take this topic to higher authority.


@dimana_wordpres: @twistedweb123, who is a Fiverr Ambasador, has responded three times on this topic. Haven’t you noticed? :slight_smile:


I did. But unfortunately he is not in favour of this feature. So I don’t think so he would be taking forward this topic.

That’s why I asked if any Fiverr Ambassador or Official Staff who is in Favour of this please take this topic to Higher authority and atleast have a healthy discussion on this.


Sorry, I misunderstood your intentions. You just said “a Fiverr Ambassador”, you didn’t say “a Fiverr Ambassador who likes the idea”. Maybe you can edit that, so there’s no misunderstanding (and so it doesn’t look like you’re ignoring someone)? :slight_smile:


Sorry for this. I have edited my reply.

Thank you.