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Please would you take a look into my new gig and tell me if there's something wrong?


The gig title isn’t really grammatically correct. It says “I will professional ecommerce product photography for amazon”.

You use the word “our” but you don’t say anywhere that you’re working as a team as far as I know.

You say "Please read Gig Page & FAQ prior to ordering! " - but there is no FAQ section on the gig.

The line “☆ Stock Content for your Brand” has a different bullet than the others in the list.

You don’t say in the gig whether they’re supposed to post their products to you for you to photograph or whether you’re going to buy the products.


thank u my dear, I correct right now, but what about the tittle I didn’t understand, my English is so poor.

Saying "I will professional ecommerce product photography for amazon” is a bit like saying “I will photography”.

eg. you could say “I will do professional product photography…” or “I will shoot professional product photos…” or something.