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Hi Fiverr Family…
My Name is Malik Shahbas and its my 3rd day on Fiverr But I am not receiving any order even I don’t have any impression or view on my this gig.

Please point out my mistakes.
I hope that you guys will help me by telling me my mistakes.

Your gig is offering to do all of this for $5, which is not how your descriptions should be. It is not to put a list of every possible thing you can do. It is to put what they will get for $5:

  • Vector tracing

  • I will convert Ai/Eps to Pdf or Pdf to Ai/Eps and other file Formats

  • Vector illustrations

  • Tracing of Raster/ordinary image

  • Convert Anything to Vector

  • Create/Recreate anything in High-resolution vector

  • Convert text to outlines

  • Convert image or logo to vector

  • Recolour image or logo

  • Convert from one format to another (Ai to PNG etc)

  • Jpg, Png, Gif, Pdf, etc to Vector

  • Edit Any File.

  • Very High Resoulution

  • illustrate/Recreate Anything

  • Editing Logo/Images/Sketches/Drawings

  • And Many More

You do not understand what a gig description is for. No one can see what you get for $5. It should be just one thing you are offering, not everything under the sun.


thanks a lot misscrystal

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You should take out these three. They are vague and meaningless and not specific.

Having that long list of all you can do is too complicated. I’m not sure how else you could fix the description but it will stop most people from ordering as it is now.

You could have several different gigs each for one specific thing.

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Hi malikshabbas133. I am new also. Be patient and continue to log in. Check out this free learning Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller Also, from your dashboard click the MORE tab at the top and select “Buyer Requests”. Here you will find jobs you can bid on. Maybe have someone proof read you English as well. Good Luck!

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As others have said, your gig is really vague. It looks like your samples are all logos. It might be a better idea to make this a logo gig. “I Will Create An Amazing Logo for Your Business or Personal Use” might be better. It’s always a good idea to be more narrow than broad.

Second of all, you need PATIENCE. I cannot stress this enough. Three days is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Some sellers wait weeks or months to get their first order. Are you advertising anywhere? Telling people about your gig? Please remember that buyers are actually people. This is not a change machine where you put in your gig and money spits out. You have to appeal to people so that they will want what you’re selling. Think about if you’re here to buy something. What would make you want to buy from someone?

Now, let’s break down your gig a little:

Obviously, make your title more specific. Decide what specific work you will do in Adobe, and let your title reflect that.

All of these lines belong in your profile, not on your gig page:

Hey I am an experienced Adobe illustrator worker. I am using adobe illustrator from last 2 years.

I have graduated from NCA University IN B.A Graphic Designing in Pakistan. Not only this I have also done a diploma in Illustration. I am working on adobe illustrator since 2017.

After working for a private company, finally I decided to work on Fiverr to give you my best

Remove this line: “I hope that it will be nice for you to hire me because money doesn’t matter…the work matters”

Make what you will provide more specific:

  • low cost (remove this)
  • timely delivery (remove this)
  • Quality assurance (you might be able to keep this, though it is pretty vague and obvious)
  • Re changeable (what does this mean? Revisions? If so, how many revisions per order?)
  • Raw file submission (specifically state the file types you will deliver)
    And what you need just tell me. I will make it perfectly (remove this)

Actually, looking at your lists, you can make one list and provide information on everything included in the gig. I suggest doing a search as a buyer on Fiverr for gigs similar to yours and look at how gigs are structured.

Your “What You Can Get” list is better than the list we just went through, but there are so many things to choose from. There is such a thing as giving your customers too many choices. I suggest choosing one area of expertise and building on that. With time, you can add more gigs for other services.

I just noticed your profile description. Remove these lines:

“I will charge very low than my work. Believe me my wok will Blow you mind” (you spelled “work” and “your” wrong anyway)

“I DON’T NEED TO WRITE EXTRA THINGS BUT MY WORK WILL SPEAK” (if you really want something like this, try, “Give my gig a try - my work will speak for itself!”)


“I have completed more than 300 order in my Job.” What is your job? This doesn’t really tell us anything.

Also, you seem to love pushing the “low price” thing. Stop doing that. You want to make good money here, and buyers want to know they’re getting quality work. You’d be surprised how many people think “low price” means “terrible quality”. Focus on how great your work is, and don’t talk about “low, low prices”. :wink:

I hope that helps some. I’m sure others have good advice as well. Good luck!


Thanks very much miss crystal…I am gonna work on your suggestion…Again Thanksss…

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Thanks godgift…you are really a god gift…Thanks a lo… I am gonna work on my gig as well as profile.
Thanks a lot Dude.

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