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PLeaseMY gig is denied How to contact fiverrr?


The gig was trending and it has more than 100 up impression.
I got 3 sellers and they used my service which was good and also that was the only one source of pay evrym month .MAy i know the reason .Please eve evryone suggst and commments and give me ideas


What kind of Gig was it?

For customer support, go here…


Thanks Sara for you help i will contact support.Its ainvestment plan how you will invest in right way and correct time


I was getting some minimum commision and good reviews for that i dont know why they denied mine .If they r doing it to other gig it wont matter as more vies and comments lie on that gig.Thanks for replying


You’re welcome.

Hopefully support will give you more info!


thanks dear for your prompt reply to :slight_smile: