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PleaseSuggest Me

Hello Fiverr and Beautifly peoples those who always help me,
1stly I want to thank you all,Because whenever I need any information or help, You guys help me in a very nice way and suggest me many things which I never know before joining this Fiverr Community Forum

Today my question is that my brother wants to join Fiverr forum, he wants to join this forum but don’t want to signup by his main account, he said to me to ask this question. Fiverr allows two accounts 1 for Fiverr forum and the other one is the Fiverr seller account.
Please suggest me

Thanks once again.


No, they don’t allow it.

Is your brother trying to hide something?


yes we want to hind his services. but i already suggested him fiverr don’t allow him. he just think if he join his platform he get famous here and peoples copy his services.

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Well, then, I guess he won’t be using the forum. Or will create another Fiverr account to use it just for the forum, and will get himself banned.

How much has he earned so far (I’m not asking about the exact number, of course) if he’s so afraid that someone will copy his services?

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almost 5000 per week.