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Pllease help me get to order

I am marufa, i am new seller. i can’t get any order after giving 4 gigs of fiverr. So why can’t someone help me get a order.


Hello Marufa

Actually, there are more and more competitors. I suggest that try to explore your capability into gig images, description, video, perfect title and keywords. First some order try to get by doing marketing throw facebook group, Instagram. Or tall your friends or relative to buy your service from fiverr. I hope that It will effective for new sellers.


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it takes time. first of all, your English grammar is not perfect. there are lot of mistakes. It turns off clients. be persistent because your niche is highly competitive and you must standout by giving some samples of your work. stay online at least for 4 hours everyday. Make sure your profile look professional, with grammar mistakes, it doesn’t. Do proper SEO because you know your niche is competitive and you have to write proper titles and descriptions. Try to write long descriptions which includes your keywords. And you really need to stay online so people can find you with online search filter.

Good luck!

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