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Pls check my gig and rate

please i want someone to check my gig and help me rate it. i just want to know what i’m not doing right. i wish to be getting more orders compare to what i’m getting.
thanks in advance

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How will subjectively applying a rating to your gig make you a better seller?

YOU are the only person that can obtain more orders. We cannot do that for you.

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jonbaas i only wanted folks to check my profile and wanted them to criticize. i know it can’t bring me me orders.
thank you

Hi @sage_best88 !

I had a look at your gigs - you’re getting great feedback and your logos look really good! :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing to watch out for - I can see you’ve added 2 new gigs offering the same logos as in your initial gig - CS might not look on that in a good light - duplication of gigs isn’t allowed.

Good luck! :sunny:

hi offlinehelpers thanks for taking out time to check my profile. please is there a better way in making them differ?
thanks in advance

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Now you’re asking - I’m not really a logo expert! :slightly_smiling_face:

They look too similar to your original gig to count as being different at the moment - can you offer a different style perhaps? Or a different skill maybe - business cards etc.?

okay thanks. the logo actually differs just that i use 3d mockups for all the logos displayed. but i will definitely make those changes you suggested

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